Our Goal

We want to be the first and the final stop when it comes to dresses. Our customers are classy & love feminine details. They enjoy dressing up with trendy styles for different occasions and celebrations. Our customers choose what’s flattering to their different body types, and know how to embrace and have fun with them. What we do as a brand is to share our culture and taste in fashion, and always do our most effort to bring the best styles to our customers.


J.MIKA Brand

We are an online retail brand newly launched in early 2019, operates from beautiful desert city, Las Vegas. Our brand mostly carries occasion dresses and we are also working very hard to launch in-house designs and custom dresses in 2020 for our customers.


Who's behind the brand?

Jiwon Woo is the woman behind J.MIKA. With her strong background in Fashion Design and long-time passion for dresses, Jiwon always strives to build her brand’s story stronger to resonate better with her customers.