Ruffle Nuffle Dress for My Birthday

It was my birthday a couple of days ago! This year, my husband and I decided to celebrate it in #Staycation style on the Las Vegas Strip. Since we had a dinner reservation at a nice hotel restaurant, I wanted to wear something more fun and dressy for the occasion. 


I decided to wear a dress from our brand's launching collection. There were too many options to choose from. However, Ruffle Nuffle Mini Dress was a perfect choice for the night. It had all the elements that I was looking for. On this blog post, I wish to share what those elements were and my experience with the dress. 



First and foremost, I liked the dress because of its design, which was very unique and elegant. The dress has asymmetrical sleeves with accentuated ruffle detail on one side of the dress that comes all the way down to the hip level. I also loved its organic pleats detail on the side waist area. It gave its' silhouette a gentle twist and soft constructions.   


The weight of the fabric was in perfect balance between soft-hand and medium-weight. When I go out to have some fun time with good food, I usually love to wear something that can support my body a little bit. Not too much, but a medium weight fabric with such a soft hand like this dress could always be a good option! 


The neckline and hemline lengths were in the perfect zone where I didn't have to hold, cover, or pull down anything during the entire evening. I felt perfectly comfortable, but even so, I felt confident in this dress. 



My birthday celebration was a blast and the perfect dress made it even more amazing. From that day forward, it has become one of my favorite wardrobe items. And I can't wait to wear this dress soon again!


Thanks for reading, and share your own experience for Ruffle Nuffle Mini Dress in the comment section below. 


Love, Jiwon



Written by Jiwon Woo



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